Errata and Updates for Comics and the Origins of Manga

Pages 19, 20, and 201: In both “only after 1902, when Imaizumi was succeeded” (page 19) and “when Kitazawa succeeded him at the Jiji Shinpō in 1902″ (page 20) the year should be 1899 instead of 1902. Page 19 at the bottom should then say “Kitazawa started a regular column called Jiji Manga in 1902, which in 1921 turned into a weekly supplement of several pages.” On page 201, “Kitazawa Rakuten becomes the Jiji Shinpō‘s manga editor and starts” should be shortened to “Kitazawa Rakuten at the Jiji Shinpō starts” to avoid the implication that Kitazawa became manga editor in 1902 rather than 1899.

Page 125:Bungei Shunshūshould read “Bungei Shunjū.”

Page 170: “in particularly” should be either “in particular” or “particularly.”